Sushi Spot – Noodle World @ Largo, FL

I have to make a big correction about something that I mentioned a while back. In fact, it was a statement that I made when I first started this blog, and my selling point. Well… maybe not.
I am talking about a ramen place in the Tampa Bay area.

A friend of a friend told her about this place. The person mentioning the place was half Japanese, so she prob knows her noodles. She also said that the ramen here was bad. But I had to find out by myself.

NOTE: I am reviewing the ramen only. The sushi they serve is about the best sushi I have ever eaten in the Tampa area.

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The name of the place is rather confusing. It is called Sushi Spot, but right underneath it, they have the name ‘Noodle World’. Later on, all this meant to me was that the concept was all over the place.
I mean, there are two plates with the ‘ramen’ name in them. One of them is called ‘ramen noodles,’ which is a soupless noodle dish. The other one is ramen gyoza noodle soup; this is more like the ramen I know.

Ramen Ranking: <1

By far the lowest ranking I have ever given. I mean, the taste was so disturbing that I couldn’t finish it. A ranking of 1 in my books belong to that of instant noodles, but I have no prob finishing those…

Ok, so I guess I have some explaining to do.
Before I start saying anything though. I didn’t give this place a <1 because it’s in my area, and this place would be my competition. Hell, if they had been any good, at least there could be a chance that some people would know what real ramen is. But no, instead, I have a feeling this place makes my own job harder.

Anyways. I will start with the noodles. They were mushy, like it had been in the boiler for waay too long. The fact that these were egg noodles (the menu itself stated it), made it feel like I was eating lo-mein soaked in water.. eww.

Somehow there was no meat in this dish, unless the gyoza is considered the meat…

Ok, so let’s play a game. If you put the following in a soup bowl: carrots, cilantro, brocoli, seaweed, cabbage, and green onions; which of these condiments will overtake in the flavor department?
If you answer is cilantro, you are correct.
It is like drinking some other latin soup, and not in a pleasant way.

The main taste governing the broth is, sweet. And I was getting that feeling mainly from the carrots and the cabbage, but it wasn’t welcomed. Picture a steak, and then put sugar in it. That’s how strange it would feel.

I have a strong suspicion that someone in the kitchen spilled a bounty amount of MSG into the bowl as well.

The fat came from the oil that was used to fry the gyoza. And it felt gross. Speaking of the dumplings, they were not nice at all. They tasted like the had passed expiration date -there were a little sour and bitter.

Overall, it was a mess. It was a ramen dish that attempted meeting far east cuisine with the western world and its ingredients. But it doesn’t work on this dish.  I don’t know how to explain this, but eating the ramen was giving me a very disturbing feel when I consumed the food. Having so many different tastes come into a bowl in a chaotic way is what brings this dish down big time.

I don’t know about the other dishes on the “Noodle World” menu, but I would be afraid to try after this experience. Sheesh, even my ramen isn’t this bad!. I feel they should just get rid of the noodle menu. I mean, the sushi in itself is freaking delicious. Or at least get rid of the ramen dishes unless they improve it. It is an insult to the ramen concept! Please…


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